Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i heart etsy forever

wow! i got one of my dresses on monday and it's beautiful but doesn't fit that great. tis my fault, i should have checked the measurements better but i was on some kind of new year's high and just randomly bought stuff. i still like it though and allen company inc. was an excellent seller whom i bet i'll buy from again - quickest delivery ever!
the two i got in the mail today are from maiden rapture vintage and while the jacket/skirt combo is a bit small for me (crazy short skirt!), i'm still gonna work it by probably wearing it with tights. on the other hand, the "ketchup and mustard" dress is a little roomy but me thinks it will be perfect for days when i feel like i need to conceal my belly or just want to pig out at dinner :)

(you can always click photos to enlarge)

scouty's such a camera hog!


Maiden Rapture said...

I think you work that short skirt really well!


buoy said...

i LOVE the dresses!
(and i personally think you always have the best poses on any fashion blog i've ever seen :)