Thursday, January 1, 2009

let's get this party started!

can i just tell you how FREAKIN' EXCITED i am that it's 2009?!
new year, new beginnings, new opportunities, new president... NEW CLOTHES!
i may have gone to bed at 3:30am but my body woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8am sharp; and well.... what else was i gonna do while the rest of the world is still sleeping off a hangover but go on what is sure to be the first of many an etsy binge to come. i'm ringing in 2009 with a new pledge to "dress like i mean it".

these two are both from Maiden Rapture Vintage

check their blog too!

while i love new year's day, i really don't like new year's eve AT ALL. in fact, i desperately want to boycott all festivites and have a nice quiet evening at home alone but p is just the opposite. and while i know that he is an earth angel and would probably stay home with me to celebrate in peace if i **really** asked him too, i try to be as sweet as he is (IMPOSSIBLE btw) and accomodate his need to socialize by going out. i actually wore a really great party dress i thrifted and shorted to a dangerous mini length but because i was pouty and grumpy i didn't take any photos to post. sorry.  

I'm know that a lot of folks don't like resolutions but I think they are a pretty great way of setting goals and being optimistic. Envisioning great things in your future is never a bad idea if you ask me! So here are just a few of the thousands I have floating around in my head currently:

* make/sell a kick-ass yoga video
* be more expressive with my love and admiration of my amazing boyfriend
* write more letters to my grandma and nieces
* get back to sewing
* start an etsy store
* register, insure, and ride my gorgeous vespa!

i hope everyone's holidays were bright and that this year is THE BEST we've seen - HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Eyeliah @ said...

lol, I was up at 9am after partying last night, I have no idea how to sleep in! :-) I like your goals, the yoga video sounds awesome.

Trendology said...

Happy New Year! You have a great list of goals - esp. the yoga tape!!

Cindy said...

I will volunteer with you! I need more puppy/old people hugs in my life vs afternoons on the couch with the Real Housewives of Atlanta/LA/NYC (couldn't you put together a great version in our city???).

Missa said...

Damn girl, you're not messing around, these dresses are AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see you in them! Happy New Year!

buoy said...

my thoughts on new year's eve festivities:

why would i want to pay a LARGER cover-charge to welcome in the new year with a bunch of drunker-than-normal people i've spent the last year trying to avoid?

lucky for me, mike is even more of a shut-in than i am. we spent new year's eve at home. (yay!) we had a yummy dinner, and then he played x-box and i started a list of "100 things i want to accomplish in 2009."
i consider the evening a success :)