Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's been a long time since i left you... without a dope beat to step to.

ah, ciara! i love that damn song! 

and speaking of things i love:
* i'm done working for the day and the weather is F.I.N.E.
* i have secured my ticket to argentina and will be in mendoza march 15-21!!! (omg! fo' realz!)
* we rented nick & norah's infinite playlist from the $1 a night kiosk at the grocery and it still had the free download code inside the box - so, yeah, we own it!
* i finally got the schedule right and got my favorite meal at the hippie store today (curry burrito) AND my bestie wrestled herself free from the clutches of work to join me and gossip......
* which leads me to the confession that i am now in the clutches of gossip girl. i resisted for so long.... damn you, lou! (and thanks, too!)
* it's 73 degrees outside and sunny

and for balance's sake, thing's i'm not stoked about:
* my hair. remember when i said i wanted to change it but it didn't actually look any different? well now it does and i'm sad. no more blondie-locks for me :(
* i got hit with not one, but two major heartbreaks today: 1) i found out mandy moore is engaged to ryan adams and 2) rachel bilson has stolen hayden christensen from my loving arms and they are engaged too! i cry.

positives = 6
not-as-positives = 2

guess i'm gonna live!

oh, and PS: doesn't drew look adorable?! 


Chamber Chick said...

I was having fashion maven withdrawals! 'Glad to have you back! So when will you post a picture of your new hair color? 'Excited about your trip! yeah!

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh she does!!! Can't believe how much older she is getting, but still looks fab.

Missa said...

Argentina?!?! WOW, exciting!
I've managed to steer clear of Gossip Girl, which is surprising as I am prone to such guilty pleasures (if I had cable I'm sure I'd be hooked) but I have managed to recently get sucked into the world of Mad Men and now I finally get what all the hype is about!

As for Drew, she is a doll always :)

P.S. Have missed your posts lately!

buoy said...

the ryan/mandy thing kinda destroyed me too.

why?!?! how?!?!